Information on the jska World Championship 2021

General Information


Hamburg Airport (HAM)


Available during the period August 10th – 14th, 2023
Included are:
- Hamburg Airport to Lübeck at arrival / Lübeck to Hamburg airport at departure
- Transports between the hotel in Lübeck, the championship facilities and other official championship areas
If you arrive via another airport, you will have to organise the transport by yourself (e.g. via train). The transfer will be available from Hamburg main station to Lübeck or from Lübeck main station to the accomodation.


The hotel for the Shihankai is the Park Inn by Radisson (Willy-Brand Allee 1-5, 23556 Lübeck). Reservations have already been placed for all Shihankai members) For all further participants and visitors we placed contingent reservations with special championship prices. For a detailed overview, please have a look at the list of hotels (attachment).


- Starter (200 Euro), including transfer, seminar, tournament, after-show party
- Active visitor (120 Euro), including transfer, seminar, after-show party
- Visitor (80 Euro), including transfer, after-show party

Please send us an approximate number of participants and referees attending until February, 28th 2023
That will make our planning much easier. Please keep in mind that for every 10 participants at least 1 referee must be named.

The final number of participants and their categories must be reported until June, 30st.

For teams who are planning to use the transfer from the airport, the dates and times of the flight must be reported
until June, 15th 2023.

The participation fee must be paid fully until June, 15th 2023