Lübeck, Germany


AUGUST 10th - 14th



is honoured to host and present the

10th JSKA Shotokan KArate World Championship 


on AUGUST 10th – 14th 2023

in Lübeck, Germany


World Championship 2023 in Lübeck

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Dear JSKA-karateka,

It is a great honour and pleasure for me to host the 10th JSKA World Championship 2023 in Germany. Already in 2002 we had the opportunity to host the 1th JSKA World Championship here in Lübeck.

As in 2002, I am very thankful to Sensei Abe, who expressed his confidence in my team and me for the execution of the championship. At this point we would like to express our gratitude to Sensei Abe and the JSKA Shihankai for giving us the opportunity to organise the 10th JSKA World Championship 2023 here in the Hansehalle in Lübeck. In honour of Sensei Abe we will continue to follow his path and keep his spirit alive. 

We are very looking forward to welcome all teams here in Germany and already today would like to wish you a wonderful time. May all your defined goals be achieved.

We would like to thank the Hanseatic City of Lübeck for the support and for making it possible to host the championship in the Hansehalle.

Moreover, I would like to thank the entire JSKA Germany Team for their great efforts in the preparation and the realization of the JSKA World Championship 2021.


Dieter Flindt

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